2257 Compliance

2257 Compliance Statement 

YouPeg.com is not a producer (primary or secondary) of any of the content found on Youpeg.com With respect to the records as per 18 USC 2257 for any and all content found on this site, please direct your request to the site for which the content was produced.

Images on YouPeg.com that display the “YouPeg” watermark are fully licensed to YouPeg.com and YouPeg.com has full rights to watermark, upload, and distribute these images.  YouPeg.com is neither the producer or owner of these images.  2257 compliance material for these images is maintained by the producer of these images, YouPeg.com, and other licensees.

YouPeg.com is an image, GIF, and video sharing website that allows users to “peg”, “pin” or “upload” various types of adult media. YouPeg does it’s absolute best to verify compliance, however compliance may not be 100% accurate.

YouPeg.com enacts the following procedures in order to enforce compliance:

– YouPeg.com requires all users to be 18 years of age or older to upload.
– Upon registration for our service, the user must read and agree to our terms and rules and verify that they are 18 years of age or older and they must certify that he or she keeps records of the models that they post and that all models submitted are 18 years of age or older.
– YouPeg.com allows media to be reported. In the event that any content is reported as harmful, harassing, illegal, or for any other various reasons, YouPeg.com will remove it from the site with no hesitation.

Users of YouPeg.com that find content that contains harmful, harassing, or illegal content are urged to report it using the “report” button found below content.